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We are providing professional manpower assistance to several industries like IT, FMCG, Telecom, Banking and Engineering. Our vastly experienced team of professionals is well-informed about the various dimensions of the industry, the recent trend going on and hence they are ready to assist them regarding man power management in all circumstances. We have sustained the credibility towards our clients even at the time of serious crisis. We have successfully maintained an unhindered supply of manpower to different industries and brought out maximum number of openings for the job seekers.

Industry Verticals


• Engineering

• Information Technology

• Telecom

• Consumer Durables


• Retail

Functional Verticals

• Commercial & Supply Chain

• Engineering Design & R&D

• Human Resource

• Sales & Marketing

• Customer Service Operations, CRM, Backend

• Finance & Accounts

• Production, Maintenance & Quality

• Site Engineering & Project